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The Science of Diminished Value—Perfected

How are you settling diminished value claims?  Non-uniform state regulations, engineering examinations and the level of expertise needed to properly assess a vehicle’s worth post-repair can make the diminished value claims process a difficult one for your company.

Hybrid Claims Group can help!

Hybrid’s vehicle diminished value program provides you with fast and accurate diminished value assessments, all supported by current case law and regulation compliance.  We examine accurate vehicle market value, which is a “true” vehicle loss of value that takes into consideration structural severity and impact points. This ensures a proper determination, each and every time.

Thoroughly measuring a vehicle’s structural integrity is one of the cornerstones of our diminished value inspection program.  We examine a vehicle for durability, evaluate stress points, identify areas of excess noise, vibration or harshness, and assess its crash worthiness and level of passenger safety.

A vehicle’s performance level directly affects its marketability post-loss.

Our engineers use state-of-the-art technology to accurately determine a vehicle’s condition post-accident. We use the “Virtual Proving Ground,” or VPG approach, which allows us to go far beyond a visual inspection of the vehicle in question. VPG gives our engineers a clearer look at how a vehicle will perform in real-life situations on the road. This includes impact situations and tire/road surface interactions. We can see how a vehicle will perform on the road, over time, and under stressful conditions.

Our approach is a complex process, but it gives an accurate depiction of the damage and stress points affected after a collision. And, it provides a definitive assessment of the vehicle’s value.

Insurers all over the U.S. use our assessments to negotiate fair diminished value settlements. In many cases, no settlement is owed at all.

Contact us today and find out why insurance powerhouses like C.N.A. and Liberty Mutual use the Hybrid solution!

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