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Often Duplicated, Never Replicated

Often duplicated, never replicated: this is a clear and descriptive phrase also referred to as a Unique Selling Proposition; it speaks to potential clients and sets companies apart from their competition.  But how many companies can truly live up to these expectations?

In general, common factors such as price, guarantees and services are not enough to set a company apart.  There must be a something unique far above the rest that really addresses the needs of current and future clients.

I was recently at an Insurance Trade Show where hundreds of vendors were trying desperately to wrangle the masses of potential clients into their booths. For all their cajoling and enticing, it was like trying to herd cats.

I imagine there are many reasons people chose to simply pass by, but one reason trumps them all. The vendors weren’t offering anything really unique.  Instead several of the potential clients were stopping at our booth and requesting information for our services.  Why?  Because Hybrid Claims Group offers that unique attribute.  An attribute that is specific, measurable and most of all provides a distinct benefit.

Hybrid Claims Group is the premier provider of claims auditing, appraisal and subrogation services in the nation. We partner with more than 100 companies across the U.S. to provide state-of-the-art solutions designed to streamline the entire claims process and dramatically improve your financial results.

Hybrid Claims Group provides all of the necessary elements for easy submission, accurate reporting, rapid delivery and seamless integration for our clients making the process and transition effortless.  This level of quality means that Hybrid Claims Group delivers an unparalleled level of service to help clients meet their business goals, each and every time.  Additionally, the processes and procedures we have put into place for support, service guarantees and auditing accountability are sufficiently transparent and help to reassure our customers that we are putting maximum emphasis on our commitment to them.  Basically, the attributes that take companies from good to GREAT!  The envy of others and often subject to imitation.

How do we stay on top?  Well, we are NEVER defined by the medium, but rather ALWAYS go beyond it. We are true to our core beliefs and we understand to be successful we need a seamless process, shared understanding of goals and partnership approach; all great characteristics of leaders.

Give us a call today and see how we are benefitting YOUR competitors.  It’s time to implement the Hybrid advantage in to your organization.  Yes, you need us!

Hybrid Claims Group—Lead.


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